9 Web Design Trends to Watch In 2018

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Social media, internet marketing, SEO, website designing, and more are on the rise in the present scenario. Diving deeper into the arena, there are numerous options available in the market to brace your websites with the perfect solution. However, the challenge is to meet the expectations of the end users while embracing the latest trends. This will keep you updated while serving the purpose fruitfully.

Top 9 Trends to Look Out for

The adoption of the latest technologies has ensured you enjoy a huge group of potential customers. The following trends in web design are promising and will leave a lasting impression since its implementation. Let us have a look at the web designs.

  • 1.    Dynamic color schemes

When the material design was introduced in 2014, it took over the entire internet, especially with its vibrant appearance. You can expect the vibrant color palette to play an essential role in the upcoming year.

  • 2.    Drop shadows & depth

Incorporation of shadow is not new in this genre but its amalgamation with parallax layouts and grid leads to a creation of splendid depth, which is something to keep an eye on.

  • 3.    Particle background

It is the technology that will solve the performance issues in a great way without compromising the visual effects. These are basically the lightweight animations on JavaScript that utilizes the movement as a part of the background, avoiding lag.

  • 4.    Mobile first

Since people are more inclined towards smartphones, this trend will surely win over the other in no time. This will make the website operation in the handheld gadgets easier.

  • 5.    Custom illustrations

Illustrations are the finest way to express the tone of the website with a touch of fun. Later, this will tend to become the identity of your brand.

  • 6.    Big & bold typography

Typography is one of those tools that have been in trend for a long time. In the latest trend, it will convey the message of the website with a bold yet personal touch.

  • 7.    Grid layouts

Grid layouts will break the mundane approach of the websites by adding a dash of distinct effect. This might not be preferred by all but will contribute to the positive effects of the website in a great way.

  • 8.    Integrated animations

This will keep the users engaged while conveying the message effectively.

  • 9.    Dynamic gradients

Flat design was on the rise for a few years but the gradients will see a new turn this year. Addition of a bold gradient is enough to allure the customers if you have a shortage of images and animations.


2018 is all set to witness some of the latest changes of the decade. Hence, brace your websites with the most appropriate option to go with the flow and influence a greater portion of the users.


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