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Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) in india, kolkata

CRO or Conversion Rate Optimization is a simple yet systematic method of enhancing the percentage of the visitors who accomplish a positive action either by filling out a form or converting into a loyal customer. CRO incorporates a basic analysis of how the users move around the e-commerce sites, nature of the actions taken by them, and also what are the constrictions that are resisting the company from reaching the revenue target.

What is the Importance of Conversion on an E-commerce Site?

Conversion can be defined as a simple method, in which the goal of a particular e-commerce site is accomplished through the positive action taken by the visitors. The goals vary from site to site and from purpose to purpose. Some of the sites aim to sell products, termed as macro conversions while some sites have a target of selling services that are termed as micro conversions.

A few of the micro conversions are signing up for the lists of email, establishing an account, introducing a product to the cart, etc. On the other hand, the macro conversions are requesting a quote, assigning to a service, opting for a product from any site, etc.

How to Optimize the E-commerce Sites to Accentuate the Revenue?

The top tried and tested ways to optimize the e-commerce sites to accentuate the revenue are:
• Grabbing the clients- It is important to attract the attention of the clients by introducing a catchy headline that explains the cost-effective deals.
• Pampering the clients with great offers- The motto should be to attract a maximum number of customers in exchange for a minimum profit. Once a ground of trust is created, the retention will ensure a steep hike in the revenue.
• Benefits- Highlight the benefits offered by the product or services in order to create a stable impression in the client’s mind.
• Images- It has its own way of attracting people without spending much effort. Powerful captions and meaningful images are enough to serve the purpose seamlessly.

The prime motto of an e-commerce website is to increase the traffic, which in turn will accentuate the revenue. The aforementioned tips will help achieve the same in a minimum span of time.


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