How to Double Your Leads in 2018? (Part 1 of 5)

Web Marketing Blueprint (Part – 1)


How to Double Your Leads? The internet has grasped every genre dwelling under the sun and strongly controls the same with expertise. It has enabled the business owners to use social media, video, email, search engines, and blogging to exhibit their businesses to a greater portion of people with the help of target marketing. How is this accomplished?

The answer can be found with a complex yet simple technology of web marketing, which is the latest trend to take over the marketplace. In simple words, web marketing is marketing activities which are conducted online in diversified forms.

It has opened a plethora of options to the marketers as it is a cost-effective choice with multiple openings. Let us have a look at the top strategies of web marketing in order to give it a fruitful dimension:

  • Documented Web Marketing Strategy
    • Defined buyer personas– It is a strategy based on the perfect amalgamation of ideal customer database as per the market research and original data based on the existing clients. Behavior patterns, customer demographics, motivation, goal, and more are considered while designing buyer personas.
    • A clear ‘content marketing’ pathway for your buyer to know, like & trust you– This is a strategic planning to redistribute your valuable content in order to retain the target clients, which will drive the business towards enhanced revenue generation. This has successfully replaced the traditional approaches of marketing in an affordable manner.
  • Web strategy
    • Website– This is the finest platform to exhibit your business in a strenuous market, in compliance with SEO and e-commerce. It ensures a firm growth of the online business.
    • Flagship content (Lead magnet) – The aim of this magnificent technology is to insist the potential clients to give their email addresses that will help in fruitful conversions in future. This is an integral part of content marketing as it attracts more loyal clients who help build a profitable business.
    • Landing Page– This creates an initial base for the customers, in a form of a web page to open a gateway to a fruitful online marketing. It is a dedicated medium and focuses on a specific campaign of marketing.
    • Exit popups for e-mail opt-ins– This compels the users to put in their email IDs while navigating away from your site. This aids in re-targeting them with various products and services.
    • Blog with 3-5 ‘anchor content’ posts– This is the key to accomplishing great success in content marketing as it redirects the customer to the relevant page with the help of hyperlinks.
    • Great headlines for landing page & anchor posts- The first impression can help you achieve wondrous outcomes. In order to explore the wider prospects of online marketing, it is important to input alluring headlines, which will assist in a seamless redirection of clients.
    • Editorial calendar to repurpose your existing content– It helps control the disclosure of content in the diversified media in order to utilize it in a justified scenario.

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