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Build your business around Website Marketing Strategy to generate more business online

For modern businesses websites and mobile apps are the two most important business tools for survival. Nowadays you can’t survive competition without a website and you need to make it mobile compatible to allow your customers check it on their smart phones when on the go. Modern technology has significantly reduced the cost of website development which means that now even a small business can have a stunning website and give competition to large brands. In such scenario it has become crucial for your business to have a clear cut website marketing strategy to stay ahead of competition, target your audience effectively, and finally, turning potential customers into qualified leads, i.e. generate more business.

What is website marketing?

Website marketing is about popularizing your website across the internet platforms making it searchable so that when your customer search for your business using keyphrases they stumble upon your website easily. Website marketing is a holistic process that involves different approaches combined towards the same goal – improving business.

Skyram Technologies has been providing comprehensive website marketing strategy services that is comprehensive. Under our umbrella of services we offer end-to-end solution for website designing, development, web app development, and online marketing solution to help you find a strong foothold in competitive online market. Our gamut of website marketing

Why you need a solid mobile marketing strategy for your business?

Mobile marketing isn’t a standalone policy anymore. 80% of smartphone users access internet on their phones. Omnipresence of smartphones has made it quintessential to introduce comprehensive mobile marketing strategy. Our expertise lies in introducing and incorporating robust mobile marketing plans into your business. We render services like responsive website designing, mobile platform promotion, content creation keeping mobile in mind, mobile advertising, SMS/MMS marketing, mobile apps marketing, and more.

We bring to you a whole gamut of marketing solution services to optimize your reach at each platform

  • Optimization: Our experts will evaluate your existing website for scopes of improvement and accordingly will implement optimization strategy.
  • Positioning: Positioning is a crucial element which focuses on strategic positioning of the website for maximum view and therefore, generating more traffic through display advertisements.
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM): Improve traffic and number of page views to your site with paid advertisements on search results. It is a process to boost your website to the top of the page for maximum views.
  • Pay per click, or payment per click (PPC): Improve your return on paid advertisements on internet with professionally planned PPC campaign. Skyram Technologies offers professional solution for planning and managing PPC campaigns.
  • Banner Campaign: Big and bold display ads are attention grabbers and therefore, are more effective in promoting your business. Our digital marketing experts will place strategic banner ads on web network to gain maximum ROI.
  • Affiliate Program: Using strong affiliate network we create a large platform to publish display ads to different websites to generate traffic through them. Affiliate marketing generates high return on low investment.
  • Mentioning: Brand mentioning on other popular websites can add value to your brand – make it popular and generate qualified traffic to it. Using this popular method our experts ensure greater visibility for your business across online platform.


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