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A blog has become an essential part of a business. But as an entrepreneur it becomes difficult to manage your blog on a daily basis. For that you can take help from professional blog management service that would manage your blogs on your behalf. With a strong team of content developers and Search engine optimization experts Skyram Technologies offer comprehensive blog management solutions for its clients. .

What is blog and why do you need blog management service?

The term blog has been interpreted in several ways in internet. For some people it is their personal journal and for some others, an account of their views. But one fact that has emerged very strongly over the period that blog can be a formidable tool for businesses in their marketing strategy. It allows businesses a direct platform to know and engage their prospective audience and interact with them in one-to-one format. Blog is a platform that allows you more space and freedom to express your ideas, innovations, and commerce than any other vehicles of marketing in internet. Some also use blogs for content sharing but at the same time manage a profit margin too. Yes, blogs are used as income generation tool by many ace bloggers. Whatever your purpose for setting up a blog is without a functional blog management system it is likely to fall short in realizing its potential. Skyram Technology has been offering smart blog management solutions for corporate, businesses, and personal bloggers. .

Our blog management service can be divided into three steps mentioned below. .

Blog creation – Selecting the right platform for setting your blog up is the corner stone of successful blog management. We do it on your behalf. We evaluate the platforms on parameters like – user friendliness, plugin features, repository management, and security. .

As a choice of platform WordPress is most popular and widely used. Our experts render their services in creating, designing, and setting up the entire blogging process on Wordpress platform from the scratch. The services we offer are listed below. .

  • Creation of blog and developing SEO friendly title
  • Installing SEO plugins
  • Creating post urls and meta title setting
  • Editing for SEO friendly meta tags and description

Content development and traffic - Our strong in-house team of content writers comprises widely experienced veterans. Our writers quickly adapt to trends and changes in algorithm to produce high quality, error free, engaging and share worthy content. .

  • Topic selection and content creation
  • Keyword selection to boost your post
  • Designing interesting and smart titles that would pique reader’s interest
  • Creating SEO friendly content
  • Writing well researched content
  • Generating more traffic to the blog through quality content and planned SEO

Blog promotion – No traffic will be generated to your blog unless it is promoted. Our marketing team would work out a comprehensive marketing plan for your blog to promote it across online and social platforms. Through selective marketing, like sharing on social media, we ensure that your blog posts receive desired readers and see an increase in traffic in short time. .

The types of blogs that we take care of

As a comprehensive blog management solution provider we work with companies from different sectors. Among the hundred blogs we have handled our expertise lies in the domains of, .

  • Personal
  • Business
  • Non-profits
  • Affiliate marketing blogs
  • Warez blogs
  • Automated blogs
  • Book tour blogs
  • Fooding

If you are wondering how to establish blog management system, we can help you in it. Let us know if you have any queries.


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