What is Social Media Monitoring, Listening & Moderation? And why businesses should care!

Social media Monitoring in India

Have you ever come across the term ‘social media monitoring’? If not, you have come to the right place. Here, we will discuss the social media monitoring, listening, as well as moderation. If you are running a business, should you really care about the same? We will find it in sometime.

Basics of the Social media Monitoring & Listening

Diving deeper into the area, social media monitoring is a simple way of enhancing the services of a company or brand by taking relevant information from the social media sites. These include blogs, news sites, wikis, micro-blogs, social networking sites, forums, video or photo sharing websites, and more. To be precise, it is about using a tool in order to listen to the activities happening across the internet. Hence, it is also termed as Social Media Listening.

Social Media Moderation

Though people get confused with the terms Social Media Monitoring and Moderation, these are two different concepts. Moderation refers to the contents which are generated by the users. Moderation also includes listening, response, and escalating to content on the sites, which are controlled and owned by social sites. These include live event, news site, community forum, social media giants, and more.

Is It Necessary to Monitor At All?

Social Media Monitoring is not only important for the brands or top-notch firms but also for the students, customers, business owners, and more. Being an owner of your business, it is inevitable to know the reviews and feedback’s of the clients who are associated with you. This helps design proper strategy to work on the weaknesses and elevate the strong points. A few of the social media forums are getting popular due to the accessibility of a platform where the clients can share their opinions about a brand.


The implementation of Social Media Monitoring is one of the essential steps while designing a business model and it’s digital marketing policies. It not only assists you to understand the current position of your company but also contributes to improving the areas of concern. Hence, consider the Social Media Monitoring to understand your business and scale the potential accordingly.


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